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Industrial screens and accessories

Wide range of screens, meshes and spare parts designated to sort and process material.They are designated for mining and manufacturing industry.

Wire cloths and filters

Cloths which are mainly used for fine filtration of air, liquids, plastic, etc. They are designated especially for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

Wire and hinged steel conveyor belts

They are used in almost all branches of industry as a means of speeding up transport and products handling as well as overall efficiency of production.

Conveyor rollers

They are used in all branches of industrial production as a part of belt conveyors, driven and non-driven roller tracks.

Hardware products

Wide range of screens is designated especially for hardware stores, retail customers and handymen.

Screening and laboratory machines

Screening machines are designated for sorting of bulk materials and precise sorting of fine or hard separable fractions. Laboratory machines are necessary for laboratory screen analysis of a particles size.

Building industry and architecture

Wire screens, cloths and rope systems combine excellent functionality with high aesthetic appeal and allow fascinating architectural and construction solutions.

Insect screens

Insect screens and hanging insect screens are used in almost every home.