Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

GREENERY systems

GREENERY systems

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Systems

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Systems

Tension System

Tension System

What we provide

VOMET provides A to Z services from consulting, design and planning, static calculations to production and installation for customers who want to give life to their innovative ideas and visions.


We provide consultancy services to architects, architectural design offices and clients to meet their needs and guide their imagination. The consulting service we provide begins from the first idea of an architectural project and continues through the planning phase to the realisation stage. We are always happy to share our ideas with you, either by phone, email or if you prefer, in person at our offices.

Planning and design

The INOX-NET cable system planning process includes:

  • Design and System development
  • Planning support
  • Administrative planning
  • Project Application for Ropes, Nets and Steel works

Installation planning

VOMET's services are always customer-oriented, and our specialists are actively involved in the whole process from the beginning. Besides providing standard products, VOMET also provides custom design of stainless steel net and stainless steel rope if required.

Static calculations

If necessary, VOMET can supply structural static calculations for all kinds of stainless steel nets and ropes.

Our static analysis services are;

  • System development
  • Shaping stainless steel nets and net structures
  • Dimensioning of network and rope loads
  • Calculation of additional loads
  • Verifiable structural static calculations 


After approval of production drawings, they are delivered to the production department, and according to these plans, production is immediately started. Each net part is produced according to the required dimensions, diamond direction and net ending features. I-ROPE  systems are also produced by taking attention to pin-to-pin measurements and tension loads resulting from the static calculations.


  • Self assembly by the customer
  • Installation training
  • Installation support
  • Installation supervision
  • Turnkey assembly from co. VOMET

According to the customer's preference, our experienced installation team can install stainless steel ropes and network systems on site.

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